CHARMMing (CHARMM INterface and Graphics)

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Notice: June 26, 2016 - the default version of CHARMM used by most calculations has been upgraded from c37b2 to c40b2. Please e-mail btmiller -at- helix -dot- nih -dot- gov if you notice problems.

CHARMMing contains an integrated set of tools for uploading structures, performing simulations, and viewing the results. In order to provide the best possible user experience, it incorporates a number of freely available tools such as JSmol for visualization and an automatic residue topology file (RTF) generator (CGenFF) which generates the necessary information for atoms and residues that are currently not supported by the non-CGenFF CHARMM force fields. Below is a partial list of functionality that currently is incorporated into

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If you are new, you may use the site with a demonstration account: the user is "demo" and password is "drdoom." If you would like your own account, you may register using the above link.

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CHARMMing has been tested with Firefox (version 3 or later) and Google Chrome. If you experience problems with the site, please try one of these browsers. If you still encounter problems, please report them (the e-mail address is given below). is now running version 0.10 of the software!

The following are new features of this version

CHARMMing is currently in beta testing. Please report bugs to